about us

Mike activities world develops tourism activities for the Tourism sector-airports, hotels,personal and other clients. We believe that the world is a better place as a result of tourism activities. Several nations around the world have benefited a lot from the tourism activities they offer to their tourists. For example, gorilla trekking is the epitome of Uganda’s tourism industry and the nation’s tourism sector has contributed a lot to the overall’s country GDP. In Spain, Activities like “La Tomatina” are now known all over the world. At Mike Activities world, our challenge is to develop tourism activities.

Mission: To make sure that people enjoy their lives by engaging in special unique activities.

Vision: To make a world a better place through activities.


We offer our services to countries-national tourism sector and tourism marketing agencies, hotels, real estate developer and others. The services include:

Activity suggestion:

We suggest the best activities depending on the environment and several other factors. we are experts in tourism. we have worked in the tourism sector for quite some times and we understand all the dynamics involved to achieve the best success.

Activity design:

We design the activities with costs and profitability in mind. We understand the basic reason of developing activities is to attract more clients. We always strive to make sure that every activity has a sustainable return on investment. It requires a lot of experts to design world-class tourism activities and this is what our team is ready to achieve for your company, tourism sector and others.


We market already existing tourism activities to ensure that it receives the maximum exposure. There are many tourism activities out there that are not really known to the world. We are ready to make them popular. As our designed activities, we shall ensure that we create the necessary marketing analysis to bring in more clients.

Activity relevance:

We strive to make sure that the activity stays relevant with several add-ons along the way. We shall be able to make check back to see the progress and level of success of some of the tourism activities developed.