Tourism board

Tourism board

We are experts at creating tourism activities for regional tourism boards or country tourism board. We are ready to add value to your tourism industry by coming up with great tourism activities that are profitable and those that will give value to your tourists.

Success of tourism in a particular region is dependent upon many factors and one of the factors is unique tourism activities.  There are some countries that have not heavily invested in advertising their tourism activities whoever due to the uniqueness of some of the tourist activities in such countries, tourists who participate in those activities markets them through the word-of-mouth.  

We provide a number of activities to tourism board which are included but not limited to:

Activity development

Tourism activities in different regions have been the most important factor that helped countries achieve tourism success. Mike activities world shall be able to develop tourism activities from scratch to ensure that you have the best tourism industry. Although in most cases, Nature in terms of beautiful sceneries, mountains, and wildlife contribute to the principal tourism attractions. There are a lot more to tourism and this is where Mike activities world comes in. We are here to create special programs that shall ensure that you have a sustainable tourism industry.

Tourism marketing

Some countries are blessed with nature that lures tourists to such areas. For example, most African countries have been blessed with several wildlife species which acts as tourist attraction to many tourists. Even under such circumstances, getting the maximum exposure in terms of marketing is what shall ensure that such a country is on the right path of creating a sustainable tourism industry. We shall be able to add more value to your vision by creating specialty marketing program to ensure your success.

Why Mike activities world?

Mike activities world is the world’s first tourism activity development company. We know tourism.